Igapyonv3 is a static site/blog generator for developers & designers. Igapyonv3 is Markdown and Freemarker based OSS written in Java. (1)Markdown -> Html with Bootstrap. (2)Diary indexing system.


igapyonv3 is an open source static site/blog generator for developers written in Java.


Maven is required

igapyonv3 requires Maven. Java is required too.

Edit pom.xml

Edit pom.xml to enable igapyonv3 like below:


That is all to install igayponv3!


Init igapyonv3 directory

You can initialize directory using command line like below:

mvn jp.igapyon.diary.igapyonv3.plugin:igapyonv3-maven-plugin:init

Default directory will be set on your current directory.

Edit igapyonv3 setting file.

Modify settings.src.md to fit your favor to adjust diary settings. Linux / Mac will be like below:

vi settings.src.md

Notice: If you want to publish your contents at gh-pages, change settings.src.md to be like ${setDuplicatefakehtmlmd("true")}.

Force update template files.

Update template files to apply settings.src.md changes, using command line below:

mvn jp.igapyon.diary.igapyonv3.plugin:igapyonv3-maven-plugin:inittemplate

Notice: Be case that the command will overwrite template files if you may changed them.

Running igapyonv3

To generate/update markdown files and html files, use command line like below:

mvn compile

If you modify XXX.src.md and you want to update, run mvn compile again, and you will be able to get updated md and html files and many index files.


igapyonv3 is released under GNU LGPL version 3 and Apache License version 2 (dual license). You can select either LGPL or ASL or both.